How Leadership Versus Management Can Make Or Break Your Home Based Business

You are about to see leadership versus management first hand to discover which you use and whether or not your business is in trouble!

One can build down lines unlike anything ever seen and the other can lead to unneeded stress, bad time/energy spent, and over-all failure; read on.

Remember the corporate ladder days when getting to the next step meant impressing those already there and achieving a certain level of service? It’s important to know that home based business is a whole different elephant!

New and upcoming entrepreneurs are often faced with this dilemma in their infant home based businesses, “Hmm leadership versus management – Should I manage my team or lead my team?”

Continue the old way of doing things or try something absolutely foreign and new? This article will briefly cover each and help the new home based business owner decide how to begin leading their team rather than managing their team!

Hold on tight and get ready to learn the fundamentals of leadership; without these skills you simply will not make it! It takes a true leader to have success in home based business; the level of degree one leads is equal to the success of the business.

But how does a new entrepreneur replace that old mindset of “delegate and micro-manage”? It may help to dissect each approach with some bullet points to see which one you are.


  • Always delegating work to others without performing the acts
  • Paying more attention to what others are doing than what you are doing
  • Waiting for others to come to you with their problems
  • Not taking action unless action is called for specifically


  • Performing acts and sharing with others on the team EXACTLY how you do it
  • Paying more attention to what you are doing and allowing others to come along
  • Proactively noting and solving problems before they grow beyond infancy
  • Constantly taking action to move forward and sharing this with your team

So which one are you? Do you find yourself on one side specifically or in a mix of both? Notice between the two each is very opposite. Leadership is about taking responsibility for you and your team’s success every moment of every day.

Management is more of overseeing that others are performing their predetermined actions and only springing into action when deemed necessary but otherwise just being the eye.

This article is more so created to help the fresh entrepreneur, perhaps the person who has just left the corporate rat race, and in this will help that individual move away from their old tendencies and replace them with new or hybrid actions.

Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be black and white, leadership versus management as it is VERY possible to have a mix of both leadership and management styles in a home based business. BUT, when posing the questions “Leadership Versus Management” you now know that Leadership is primary to your home based business success.

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