Welcome To The End Of The Beginning Of Your Leadership Training

17 Out Of 30 Students In The TLR Leadership Training Role Call Have Met Or Exceeded The Requirements From Phase I!

Yes! That is so exciting for everyone including the founders of TLR! One thing is for certain, no one person is exactly the same. Through a variety of personal and group struggles the TLR 3% Leadership Training class have succeeded and continues to move forward.

It’s with great pleasure and honor that TLR founder Jason Croxford has been able to share with these individual leaders what has made him successful in this industry. It’s easy to say that, while marketing skills are necessary to make everything work, it’s the philosophies and diligence that the students have proven to possess that brings them to phase II (Video Marketing).

Here is a personal message from Jason  Croxford to share his excitement and to acknowledge all the hard work each student has given.

“With dreams your future can be seen, through action dreams can become your future!”

Not in the TLR 3% leadership training class? It’s OK, make sure to submerge yourself every week on Monday Night Detox calls (9 pm EST) and Saturday webinars (1 pm EST). Consistency will reward you with results!

One Comment

  1. kathy keen

    on 13th Jul, 10 08:07pm

    I take full responsibility for all my actions !!!!!

    Thank you all for your leadership and friendship