12 Class Training Course

The Leaders Role 12 Class Elite Training Course

Before you begin

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Welcome to the first phase of The Leaders Role 3% class! Over the next 12 classes you will embark on a step-by-step journey to help you understand and master the art of Internet Marketing. Of course, you can’t possibly learn every thing there is to know in 12-classes BUT we can show you the most important tools and strategies to help you get a giant leap above all the rest!

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Phase 1 | How To Use Keywords & Create Killer Articles For FREE!

*Phase 2 | How To Become An Unstoppable Video Marketer

Video Marketing! That’s right – Now that you understand more about Copywriting and Articles it’s now time to show you how powerful Video Marketing can be when combined to create on super powerful bullet-proof marketing funnel!

*Phase 2 will become available as soon as you successfully complete Phase 1

Phase 3 | How To Talk To Prospects Easily & Without Scaring Them Away With Your Business Opportunity

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