Class 2 | Article Marketing 101

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The Leaders Role

3% Role Call | Class 2

Today Jason and Kris will take you by the hand and show you Article Marketing. They will Literally show you how one of the previous students from this course, came from where you are Right Now, took the information she was given, and created an article that ranks on the 1st page of Google for her specific keyword! Get Ready…

Class Resources: – Visit that site and create your FREE account as soon as you are done with class! You will need this in the future.

Recommended Reading:

Hypnotic Writing”  Joe Vitale … You can find this at your local Borders, Barnes & Nobles, Book World, or online at Amazon. This is HIGHLY recommended reading as it will help you understand Copy Writing to the fullest degree!We’d like to make this REQUIRED but we can’t make you want to read and better yourself. It’s your choice but we HIGHLY recommend it!