Class 3 | Call To Action And Anchor Text

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3% Role Call | Class 3

  • Copywriting?
  • CTA (Call To Action)?
  • Anchor Text?

That’s EXACTLY what Kris and Jason are going to bring to light, break down, and explain in detail today. By the end of this particular class you will be fully equipped with what you need to create awesome traffic building, search engine ranking, killer articles about your product, business, and passion!

Class Resources:

HTML Code to create anchor text:

<a href=””>YOURKEYWORDTEXT</a>

Article Writing Tips:

  • ALWAYS write your article in Word, Wordpad, or a writing program and save often!
  • DO NOT write your article in the Ezine submit window, if your browser crashes = Good Bye work!
  • 400-600 words
  • 1 appearance of your keyword per 100 words
  • The body is ONLY to give information – If you sell it will not be approved – Visit that site and create your FREE account as soon as you are done with class! You will need this in the future.

Recommended Reading:

Hypnotic Writing” Joe Vitale … You can find this at your local Borders, Barnes & Nobles, Book World, or online at Amazon. This is HIGHLY recommended reading as it will help you understand Copy Writing to the fullest degree!We’d like to make this REQUIRED but we can’t make you want to read and better yourself. It’s your choice but we HIGHLY recommend it!