Class 4 | Permalinks And Laser Targeted Anchor Text

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3% Role Call | Class 4

Here it is! The end of phase 1 already!

Today you will learn WordPress Permalinks (how to make your links pretty); also, Jason & Kris are going to show you 1 more easy step to tighten up your anchor text links to create a bullet proof funnel!

If you missed any previous classes or need to refresh before you move forward make sure to go back and soak it all up!

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Phase 1 Final Assignment Alert!

This must be completed to pass into Phase 2 (Video Marketing)!

We may be FREE but we are Very Serious about what we do – We can only move into phase 2 with you if you are also serious.

Make sure to jump back to class 3 and listen in intently if you missed the assignment.

OK here comes Class 4 – Get ready!

Class Resources:

HTML Code to create anchor text:

<a href=””>YOURKEYWORDTEXT</a>

Article Writing Tips:

  • ALWAYS write your article in Word, Wordpad, or a writing program and save often!
  • DO NOT write your article in the Ezine submit window, if your browser crashes = Good Bye work!
  • 400-600 words
  • 1 appearance of your keyword per 100 words
  • The body is ONLY to give information – If you sell it will not be approved – Visit that site and create your FREE account as soon as you are done with class! You will need this in the future.