Class 7 | Making It All Live For Your Prospects To See!

Class 7

Today we will take everything from Class 5 & 6, combine it all together, and finally put a live video on youtube!

This class is pretty short but that doesn’t mean it isn’t value packed and loaded with gold nuggets to help you avoid most simple mistakes that 97% of everyone else makes. These simple mistakes will leave you will a big ol’ ugly hole in your funnel and will destroy any chances you have with Video Marketing.

Already have videos on Youtube?

That’s OK! Even if you find you have fallen to these avoidable hole’s in your funnel, you can still edit those videos and fix them right where they are!

Video Marketing – Making It Live!

Video Marketing Tips:

  • 1-3 Minutes (1 minute is optimal though 3-6 is still OK on Youtube)
  • Give tips and information just like you did with your articles from Phase 1!
  • Do not write scripts! It’s OK to have bullet points to stay on track though.
  • Try to keep eye contact with the lens of the camera ( That is like looking someone in the eyes)
  • Don’t beat yourself up – You will be your own worse critic!


Make sure to join Jason, Kris, and Mike LIVE on Thursday night at 9PM EST for a Q&A call covering any questions you may have from this class! Write down anything you did not understand or have questions about and bring them to this LIVE call.

You can call in with the following details

Call In # 712-432-0075

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