Why Change

Funny thing about people,

they like things to stay the same!

When change is presented,

there is always a question of: “Why Change?”

It is hard to live in today’s world and not see change all around us. Let’s look closely at this and later in this post we will address the question with an answer.

On any given day if you look closely, the weather will change 3 or 4 times in a day. If you watch a flower closely it too will change during the day. All things change. It is the natural order of things. Why then do we resist it so much? Why do people complain and get upset when faced with change?

It is because they like the routine of the way things are. They know what to expect and how to react. They are lazy and do not want to put forth the effort to adapt to things as they change around them. By far this is one of the greatest weakness in today’s world. Resisting change. It is the biggest problem that we have today from the government to our everyday lives.

So then, the question becomes  “Why Change?” The answer is simple. We must change so we grow and move in a forward direction. With out change there is no movement and with out movement we are stagnant.

So embrace change when it is presented and take pleasure in the fact that you are growing and that you will be fine as long as you move forward.

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The Leaders

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