Detox Calls Are In Demand

OK so last night was our first DETOX call and wow what support we had there. This was a success in that everyone got a chance to speak and meet Jason, Mike and I along with each other. Never have we been involved in a company that has anything like this including our primaries!

It is so great to be able to hear the voices and excitement. We will continue to have these calls and you will continue to grow from them. There many things discussed last night and if you missed this call then you need to get the recording and compare notes with someone that was there!

The recorded version is the next best thing to being there. Some of you might ask why do we need this call? Well there are several reasons for this call. One is getting to know each other. Two is getting comfortable with different tools we use. Three is getting to know the people you are in TLR with. Four is getting used to following simple directions. Five is to get rid of the negative and start the week off on a positive note.  Most importantly be there to see what real structure is supposed to look like!

You can’t DETOX if you are not there!!!!

See you on the next call!

The Leaders