Who Failed? You or Them

So many times in life and business we try to teach others what

they need and want to know, only to loose them somewhere.

Who Failed, you or them?

Let us look at this closely today as so often the question comes up. Where did I go wrong? What did I do? Could I have done something different?

Visually I want you to think about the garden that you planted. You went to the store and you selected the most healthy plants you could find. You brought them home only to prepare the ground and feed it, making it an excellent growing environment.

So you plant the plants and stake them up as well as you water them to assists in the shock from the planting. You have selected a good place for the plants to get a sufficient amount of light and shade. All the conditions are favorable. You begin to check on these plants daily and much to your surprise all your plants look great and seem to be doing well and growing nicely. All seems to be great and you feel as if all the plants will make it to maturity.

The next day you go out to look at the garden and what are you met with? But the biggest, healthiest plant is slumped over and appears to be dieing. With no warning and seemingly no reason. What happened? Why did this plant die? Only nature knows the answer.

And so it is much like with your business. And much like with the plants you must know when it is time to pull it up and replace it with a new one. Now you could get upset and cry and ask why? WHY? But let me tell you, it is best to distance yourself from the emotional as we are not able to fix it, only replace it! Be prepared……it will happen. You did what you could so the answer is clear for the question: Who failed, you or them?

To your success,

The Leaders