Transformational Leadership – Why Relationships Are The Key Ingredient To Your Success

At TLR Jason, Kris, & Mike are always talking about Transformational Leadership, personal growth, and above all, building relationships!

As a matter of fact, we have shared our philosophy of the 90/10 rule over and over again…

  • 90% of the time your content is to provide help, inspiration, and informational useful to your prospect. This includes your videos, articles, blog posts, press releases, etc.
  • 10% of the time you ask for something self-serving, or something in return. This could be to look at your product or affiliate product, to consider your business opportunity, or to otherwise help yourself.

We devote ourselves to offering to offering a mind blowing amount of giving, of real help, and valuable content. In doing so we have been able to attract and cultivate strong relationships with others who are serious about Transformational Leadership and their over-all success.

Check out what happened this past week on TLR.TV – We had a special guest video our home office all the way from E. Texas all because of the relationship we built. Unfortunately we did not have our standard equipment available and so the audio is not the best but believe us when we say, listen in, there is real value in this video and it is absolutely worth your time!

(after you click “play” on the video a short commercial may play)

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With sincere love,
-The Leaders