When Is The Last Time You Looked Up

When you go outside, Do you look up?

When you look up ….What do you see?

Today we are going to travel into the mind…………..not with a knife but with our own vision. How many times do you go out side and you just go about your day as usual?

Most of the time we go out to do things and see people looking down, almost like they have to watch where their feet are going or you see them texting and talking on the phone. Why do people not enjoy the time they have outside? Why do they have to ignore all that happens or goes on around them?

When was the last time you looked up? What did you see? Did you see a bird, clouds,  sun, moon, stars, a far off twinkle? Did you stop there? OR Did you stare up higher? Did you look beyond what the eye can see and let your mind take you to places that may be out there?

So you say what is the exercise here? What is the purpose? Well I am going to tell you but first I want you to really answer those questions and give them some real thought.  It is important. You should be able to see places and things with your mind….this is an exercise that you will have to master if you do not already possess it. You see we have to be able to travel to places with out moving our bodies in order to fully understand where we are and how we got there.

OK now! Think about the chair you are sitting in, the computer you are reading this post on, the radio that plays the music that is playing in the background. How did those things come to exist in the world we live in now? One hundred years ago someone was in the same spot you are right now and things were very different for them than they are for you right now. Guaranteed one hundred years from now some one will be where you are right now and their world will be far different from where you are now.

So what am I driving at?

Everything starts with a thought! WOW that is really important huh? I mean if you want to be successful, you have to think yourself successful first or will not be. Just like the chair you are in was some ones thought before it came to be that chair. The computer and radio the same thing. You see we see things all the time, but we rarely see anything for what it is.

I challenge you today! Start thinking!!!!!! Start Seeing!!!!! It will make you a better person and take you places you have never been. Everything starts with a thought.

To your success,

The Leaders