Introducing the TLR 3% Club (It’s Still Free)

The Official TLR 3% Leaders Club (Yup, Still Free)

It’s official! The Leaders at TLR have locked down a super-exclusive club accepting a limited amount of current and upcoming leaders. The goal of this group is to offer Intense Mentoring and Training over 90-days to churn out Real Industry Leaders. Where 97% are known to fail, 3% are destined to Succeed (Hence the 3% club)!

As mentioned above the TLR 3% is Super-Exclusive and limited to only 30 members each class! With just about 2 weeks before the very first class begins the Leaders already have 20+ locked in students.

Here are some bullet points to lay out some details for you:

  • The 3% club will be 90-days
  • This will be a goal oriented class broken down into 3 monthly goals to success
  • The Class is Free so it is also Exclusive and Limited
  • Upon completing the course with satisfactory goals each student will receive a certificate of Leadership
  • There will be 4 classes a year – Every 90-days
  • And so much more!

Though there are only about 8 spots open for the very first class that does not mean you will be left in the dark if you don’t make this semester! You will still have access to all the TLR training and weekly webinars which will help you move forward!

The TLR 3% club is serious about those who are serious!

Some qualifications:

  • Be active with TLR and make sure you are sharing the content with your friends and social networks!
  • (Remember, we ask for new members to put down who referred them so we are watching! This helps us identify our leaders)
  • Beginning after the last 60-days of the very first class there will be an application process so keep an eye out!
  • Don’t be afraid to help others out in TLR – Being a leader is being able to step up! Believe it when we say “We’re watching”
  • You must have Hosting and a List service (Preferably with Hostgator and Traffic Wave – Check out the Training Videos)
  • (This is about duplication. We can’t show you how to duplicate if you are trying to reinvent the wheel!)

    So stay tuned, get ready, and Get Serious!