Leadership – Calling On The Leader In You

Leadership – Calling On The Leader In You…

The Reasons You Have To

Leadership, the topic on everyone’s mind.


Every single one of us wants to have great leadership. The funny part is that most people fail to believe that they are great leaders themselves. Most people believe that they have to live a life of following others as opposed to charting the course they would prefer to experience.

Leadership – Calling On The Leader In You

Now I am going to tell you that I too was one of those people. I would attend conferences or big hotelleadership meetings and think…”WOW, If only I could be like that guy!” Well…..you can and guess what so can I! See leadership is something that you are not born with, but rather that you learn. There are some that are born with an over load of abilities, however, leadership is something that is learned.

I am calling on the leader in you, to step up and represent the leadership style that you have today! See this is the time that you step out on faith and become all you can be. Will you trip or fall? Sure you will and be comforted in the fact that I did as well, but the facts are that you have to step out and begin before you can ever reach the level of leadership that you so badly desire to have today!

If you never take the step you will be like I was for so many years….stuck and moving nowhere, just wish and waiting to be the best leader you could be.

Leadership is something that you must pay forward. Leadership is something that you must help others learn and accept in themselves and in others. Leadership is something that you must teach others to embrace and stop being so afraid of looking stupid…..that has stopped you and me, too long already!

Now get out there and bring others to their leadership by pointing them to the free training right here on The Leaders Role!

~The Founders

Jason, Kris and Mike

The Feeling of The Season

The feeling of the season is so often times only felt during once a year. What would life be like if you took that feeling with you all year long?

All year long we mottle through the days, day in and day out, working to get to the years end. The feeling of the season is why we strive so hard to get to the end of the year….when it would be more heroic to take the feeling of the season with us from year to year!

I sit here at my computer today, the day after Christmas, music on, tree on, the smell of Christmas in the house. I turned the computer on to see who else is checking mail or facebook….and WOW ……what love and peace!!!

Every email, and I have 11, is filled with well wished and greetings of love and happiness, the facebook is filled with well wishes and love. Why is this only the way we live during this time of year?

I know alot of us, try to take this feeling with us through the year but sadly somewhere during the year we loose it or it is stolen from us….why?

Why are we built mentally in a way that we don’t CHOOSE to live the life we could all live, happiness and love for one another daily???

I have had this thought before, seasons past, and never really talked about it or written about it, but this year is different! The “Age of my mindset” has matured to a point that I too, must charge myself with remembering the season all year long.

Imagine how much better our lives and businesses would be if we live every day like it was the Christmas season! W O W!!!!! That would be a whole different world for sure and one that would bring us all gifts daily!!!!!!

Here at TLR we teach 90% giving, you would think that this in itself would promote this feeling of euphoria, but sadly it does not!

So today, here at TLR, we are challenging you to not only adopt the 90% rule but to accompany it with the feelings that you feel during this time of year! For those that accept this challenge, I guarantee the year you will have in 2011 will be one like you have never had before!

To carrying the feeling of the season through the year,

The Founders

Jason, Kris and Mike

Leadership Training – Why Would You Put Off That Which Leads To Success?

Would you put off meeting someone if they were going to hand you the keys to success? Would you make excuses why you couldn’t make it to the car dealership if you knew they would GIVE YOU a FREE BMW? Would you delay taking a vacation to your favorite destination if you knew you could spend freely and completely enjoy the time spent?

NO! You would be CRAZY to put off any of those things…

But guess what, building your business diligently and consistently over time can absolutely lead to all of those things! But yet, so many people make excuses and put off doing the really easy stuff that will lead to time freedom, financial freedom, and total accomplishment.

The Leaders Role asks you this simple question during their Live TLR.TV broadcast, “What Are You Waiting For??”

Take control of your destiny, stop making excuses, and simply start doing the things that will lead to your success! It’s not hard… It only takes dedication, a plan, and Action every day. Start now! Contact The Leaders Role today and let them now you are serious about your business and you want to know exactly how to build it so it lasts – We will show you!

~The Leaders Role
Jason, Kris, Mike

Leadership Training – Why You Need 90/10 In Your Business

The 90/10 rule is how you will have success when you build your business. Hands down, TLR’s latest Leadership Training TV broadcast was revolutionary and may very well change your path for the better, forever!

In the race between the rabbit and the turtle, the turtle wins.

Why does he win? Because he takes the slow and consistent path to success. He does not get side tracked and he does not move to hastily. He goes at the perfect pace doing what he needs to do to win (By using his product/ business and sharing his story and helping those come along at a steady pace).

The rabbit on the other hand thinks he has the turtle because he can run faster. So he sprints off the starting line without even thinking (Broadcasting his product and business all along the way), without setting a pace, and without concern for his actions. He doesn’t care about anything but his own victory.

We all know this story and the outcome.

We feel this fits well with the 90/10 rule in your business. The 90/10 is about a slow consistent pace without concern of the finish line because, in all reality, there is no finish line.

Check out the serious Leadership Training that was dished out on TLR’s latest TV broadcast and find out what it takes to ‘win’ the long term race.

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Do what it takes,
~Jason, Kris, & Mike

Transformational Leadership – Why Relationships Are The Key Ingredient To Your Success

At TLR Jason, Kris, & Mike are always talking about Transformational Leadership, personal growth, and above all, building relationships!

As a matter of fact, we have shared our philosophy of the 90/10 rule over and over again…

  • 90% of the time your content is to provide help, inspiration, and informational useful to your prospect. This includes your videos, articles, blog posts, press releases, etc.
  • 10% of the time you ask for something self-serving, or something in return. This could be to look at your product or affiliate product, to consider your business opportunity, or to otherwise help yourself.

We devote ourselves to offering to offering a mind blowing amount of giving, of real help, and valuable content. In doing so we have been able to attract and cultivate strong relationships with others who are serious about Transformational Leadership and their over-all success.

Check out what happened this past week on TLR.TV – We had a special guest video our home office all the way from E. Texas all because of the relationship we built. Unfortunately we did not have our standard equipment available and so the audio is not the best but believe us when we say, listen in, there is real value in this video and it is absolutely worth your time!

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With sincere love,
-The Leaders