Transformational Leadership – Would You Do What It Takes?

This week in their TLR.TV broadcast ‘Transformational Leadership – Would You Do What It Takes?’ Jason, Kris, and Mike break down, from their own experiences, exactly what it takes to become successful in our industry.

You don’t need some fancy tool, some ‘special’ lead generating device, or really even any kind of magical skills. What you DO need is the willingness to invest yourself whole-heartily in your own personal growth.

Transformational leadership is not something you just get, it’s something you earn through experience.

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Transformational Leadership and Growth

How many times have you grown and not really understood what happened until it was all over and done? You then look back and say to yourself, “That was a growth spurt!

Transformational Leadership is like that in all that we do. You see the big thing is that we grow.

We don’t really know that we are growing alot of times until things are over and done and we are resting looking back at the trail we came down. Then and only then can you truly understand the growth.

Until you have walked this trail, you will not understand, however if you have been on that trail you know exactly what I am talking about.

Transformational leadership is a never ending journey, one that takes us down many trails. When we realize this we have grown to a huge point in our development, but it is not over yet!

You will continue to grow and transform until you quit or you die. I am not a quitter so looks like death is my only way out and that is fine with me.

I write all this today because I, along with my partners, have just come from one such trail and let me tell you… the journey has been exhilarating!!

We proudly announce the completion of a project that started out as a small little thing and grew to be HUGE! Where is the transformational leadership in this? Well if you have to ask; you need to get with the leaders and let them travel a few trails with you!

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To your success,

The Leaders

Transformational Leadership – The Challenge

Transformational Leadership involves constant change. If you have a mentor and they are not constantly challenging you, maybe they are not right for you.

Transformational Leadership is in essence the way it sounds, transformational. This is important because we must constantly be growing. Leadership is a path we take, that path is not always straight and smooth.

All that said, are you standing still? So many of us will have spurts of growth instead of a steady flow of learning and growing. Have you been guilty of this in your life?

Have you recently taken a course or learned some new skills only to be shelving then without consistent use?  Why? Why would you put yourself through the learning process only to not apply the knowledge?

This is where so many fall. So many people will read or learn something and then for some reason they think it is good enough to have read it or learned it.  They move on to the next lesson looking for the magic wand when they  have never put to use the information they learned to  see hat effect that will have for them.

Transformational leadership; in part, is the consistent application of the information learned. This is the part no one can do for you. YOU must do it for yourself. It is not good enough to learn the lesson, you must also apply it consistently!

If you have a mentor and they are not challenging you to constantly apply yourself, maybe you need a new mentor! Do not take this lightly! You must have a mentor that stretches you to a point you think you will break, that is there to help you all the way and celebrate with you your victories!

Challenge yourself today to evaluate your mentorship, is it all you need it o be? Are you being stretched? Are you growing and consistently moving forward with your life and business?

The Leaders Role will push you and challenge you as well as guide you to the self that you desire to be! Get in the 3% Role Class NOW!!! Contact us to get in the next class, let us help you move forward in life and business.

Transformational Leadership

Leadership is important in any business,

but what is transformational leadership?

How does it affect you business?

Will you be successful without it?

In today’s world we are all trying to move our businesses in a positive direction against the economic hardships that we face. We have all been told that Leadership is a strong part of that and that we must all embrace it with open arms. So what is transformational leadership?

Simply put  you begin where you are. You start with the leadership skill set that you have and you set goals as to where you need and want to go. Then you begin your journey.

It would look a little like this:

  1. Assess you current level of leadership
  2. Create goals for future leadership attainment
  3. Find your source of education and begin the journey forward.

This sounds easy and yet so many can not get past their current level so their business never grows. Your business will only grow as large as you grow your skill set. This is a true statement most will not want to hear. Accept it and evaluate your current success. After that you simply find that mentor or coaching group that fits where you are currently but that will move you towards your goals. Then it is a simple as plugging in!

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Will your business strive without transformational leadership? It most certainly will not grow as fast and there is a very go chance not at all. See most people are attracted to people that are growing and moving forward. They  Don’t want too work with people that appear to be standing still,, they want to jump on the train that is moving at lightening speed! Get your Transformational Leadership TODAY!!!!!

Why Change

Funny thing about people,

they like things to stay the same!

When change is presented,

there is always a question of: “Why Change?”

It is hard to live in today’s world and not see change all around us. Let’s look closely at this and later in this post we will address the question with an answer.

On any given day if you look closely, the weather will change 3 or 4 times in a day. If you watch a flower closely it too will change during the day. All things change. It is the natural order of things. Why then do we resist it so much? Why do people complain and get upset when faced with change?

It is because they like the routine of the way things are. They know what to expect and how to react. They are lazy and do not want to put forth the effort to adapt to things as they change around them. By far this is one of the greatest weakness in today’s world. Resisting change. It is the biggest problem that we have today from the government to our everyday lives.

So then, the question becomes  “Why Change?” The answer is simple. We must change so we grow and move in a forward direction. With out change there is no movement and with out movement we are stagnant.

So embrace change when it is presented and take pleasure in the fact that you are growing and that you will be fine as long as you move forward.

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The Leaders

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