Woah! Detox Is In The Need!

There is not a single shred of doubt that Detox is in HIGH Demand and the thing is, this is only the 3rd official call!

Last night TLR hosted the 3rd ever “Detox” call which took just over an hour to unfold. Jason, Kris, and Mike all agree “It was absolutely incredible last night to hear the success stories already being formed in just the last couple weeks!”

Some people have FINALLY been able to uncover exactly what they have been missing for years. It’s obvious that “Detox”, TLR, and the 3% class are in high demand and this demand is only growing!

Listen: This post is built for two reasons.

  1. To help you understand the importance of attending each Monday night Detox call to be part of something you have NEVER SEEN BEFORE! This is not your standard webinar.
  2. To point out some navigation changes that have taken place at TLR to help you and those you invite to better navigate the barrage of great content and allow for easier access to future content.

TLR’s “Recorded Webinars” tab has been renamed “Recorded Trainings” on the navigation bar and now includes sub-categories with a drop down menu. Take time to look as it’s important for the Leaders to familiarize themselves so their invitee’s can best take advantage of everything there is to offer!

Make it a productive Wednesday!

P.S. Make sure to check out the Detox recordings to hear last nights call. Even if you were there Live it doesn’t hurt to go back and listen in to get that extra boost of motivation to move forward!

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