Do You Own Your Blog?

Almost all marketers start out with their first blog on Blogger,, LiveJournal, and other remote hosted blog services. That’s where we started too. However, what you may not know is that you really do not “own” that website, you do not have full custom options, and it will not be ranked in Google the same as a Self-Hosted site.

Worse case scenario – Your free blog can be shut down AT ANY TIME! All work can be lost for good. Sure, your first month it does not matter but imagine after investing a year into that blog. Suddenly it’s all gone, all your work, all your content, POOF! Don’t let that happen and make the only smart move today towards your own hosted blog.

Surprisingly, it’s not even that expensive! You can get hosting and a sense of security for between $5-$10 a month, not a week, a month!

Don’t worry – Click the TLR’s Top hosting pick below and you will learn…

  • What is the best  hosting options?
  • What is a good Hosting Package?
  • What is WordPress(.org) and how do I install it?
  • How do I setup a Theme on WordPress once it’s installed?

We have experienced several hosting services which allows us the unique privilege to offer what we found to be the best for us.

P.S. This is one of those steps you cannot put off. You must start with your hosting right away that way you can start adding content as it comes to you. Your blog builds as you build your business so get started today.