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We thought about including the Social Media training in all the “Training Videos” but after discussing how incredibly powerful this form of marketing can be alone; we decided Social Media training deserves it’s very own Tab!

*Warning: While Social Media Marketing can lead to amazing super-qualified traffic and viral exposure it can Also Eat All Your Valuable Time! Make sure to connect with your social networks BUT our word of advice is set certain times where you are available to chat; don’t get caught chatting on Facebook chat for 3 hours with one prospect.

What is Social Media?

It’s everything out there that allows communities of people to group up and follow one another, chat, email, comment on videos, etc.

Some Social Media Giants are:

In Addition to invaluable communication tools like Skype

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We use Social Media primarily at TLR to get the word out and to impact as many people as possible. If you enjoy Any of the trainings or content here think about how your social networks can benefit. Use the “Sharethis” button on the bottom of every post and page to give back to your friends and followers; They will love you (and so will we!)