Skype Helps You Connect For Free

We won’t really sit here and tell you everything that Skype does, that is not in question. What should be asked is, “What does Skype NOT allow you to do with your prospects?

Skype is a Free Tool and will allow you to do some of the following:

  • Connect in Real-Time with your prospects (Screw Facebook Chat)
  • Make Free Conference Calls wish Groups
  • Conduct One-On-One’s with your prospects
  • Share Your Screen Or See Your Prospects Desktop To Help With Walk-Throughs
  • And More (I can’t fit it all on here – Just download and Install it)

TLR Founder Mike Erwin Walks You Through The Skype Tool

All the Leaders of TLR have an regularly use Skype so once you download Skype and setup your account make sure to add the Leaders; Skype User names are in the () parenthesis: Kris Hanks (kris_hanks), Mike Erwin (mike.erwin13), and Jason Croxford (jasoncroxford)