Do You Suffer From The Fear Of Success?

In just a few minutes this article is going to raise one serious question and you may very well find yourself suffering from this exact form of FEAR so read on to discover the cure!

So what’s in question and what do you mean F.E.A.R.? That is a very simple to answer because your very own success is in question when you suffer from this rare disease. This kind of F.E.A.R. is something MANY marketers suffer form but VERY FEW speak of.

Before we manifest this form of F.E.A.R. in words so we can begin to dissect it let us first explain the acronym of F.E.A.R. used in this article.

(Failure to Enable Action Regularly)

Quite simply your F.E.A.R. is enabling, or for that matter, disabling your ability to take consistent action to achieve the success you think you desire.

Now there is a very specific reason we say “You Think You Desire” and we are about to lay it all out on the table. The reason we say “You Think” rather than “You Know” you want success is exactly the rare form of F.E.A.R. we speak of, let us explain:

Here it is, the F.E.A.R. spoken of is the “Fear of Success“! That’s right, you may very well suffer from this and you don’t even know it! We’ll explain further. Often goals are set to achieve a certain level of success; however what you are not usually told is that the success mindset takes time and experience to develop.

What is being said here  is you can’t just go from compete failure to instant prosperity. Look at the phenomenon often resulting from poor people winning the lottery. If you have ever watched the TV specials you’d notice a big trend in Instant Success to Instant Failure.

Why? Because those individuals do not possess a developed success mindset and so they cannot handle the power and prosperity that comes with great fortune. So in a desperate act to sub-consciously rid themselves of such great fortune these individuals will go on a self-destructive course.

It’s not often spoke of but it is a real FEAR that all too many times will end success before it can even begin.

Some signs that you may suffer from this rare F.E.A.R. are as follows:

  • Sub-Conscious decisions to perform acts against the direction of dreams
  • Self-destructive acts which purposely create failure
  • Inability to stay on track and on goal
  • The lack of Time Management
  • Selecting the easy road of complacency when opportunity to move forward is presented

That’s just a short check list but one should be able to gather from this information whether they personally suffer from this rare form of FEAR, the FEAR of success.

Don’t F.E.A.R. anymore! There is a cure and that cure can be found in the form of development. Remember how we used the example of instant prosperity to instant failure? Well marketing luckily has a failsafe because it’s very hard to have instant success and fortune BUT at the same time this F.E.A.R. of success, over time, can de-rail even the strongest goals.

Leadership development is your answer and the only cure! The F.E.A.R. of success feeds off all other forms of FEAR so developing yourself into a fearless leader is the only way to cure this rare disease.

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