The Feeling of The Season

The feeling of the season is so often times only felt during once a year. What would life be like if you took that feeling with you all year long?

All year long we mottle through the days, day in and day out, working to get to the years end. The feeling of the season is why we strive so hard to get to the end of the year….when it would be more heroic to take the feeling of the season with us from year to year!

I sit here at my computer today, the day after Christmas, music on, tree on, the smell of Christmas in the house. I turned the computer on to see who else is checking mail or facebook….and WOW ……what love and peace!!!

Every email, and I have 11, is filled with well wished and greetings of love and happiness, the facebook is filled with well wishes and love. Why is this only the way we live during this time of year?

I know alot of us, try to take this feeling with us through the year but sadly somewhere during the year we loose it or it is stolen from us….why?

Why are we built mentally in a way that we don’t CHOOSE to live the life we could all live, happiness and love for one another daily???

I have had this thought before, seasons past, and never really talked about it or written about it, but this year is different! The “Age of my mindset” has matured to a point that I too, must charge myself with remembering the season all year long.

Imagine how much better our lives and businesses would be if we live every day like it was the Christmas season! W O W!!!!! That would be a whole different world for sure and one that would bring us all gifts daily!!!!!!

Here at TLR we teach 90% giving, you would think that this in itself would promote this feeling of euphoria, but sadly it does not!

So today, here at TLR, we are challenging you to not only adopt the 90% rule but to accompany it with the feelings that you feel during this time of year! For those that accept this challenge, I guarantee the year you will have in 2011 will be one like you have never had before!

To carrying the feeling of the season through the year,

The Founders

Jason, Kris and Mike

One Comment

  1. Lynn Rios

    on 26th Dec, 10 05:12pm

    Well said Kris, and on an even more hopeful note, life comes in cycles, there will always be highs and lows along our path. If all of the people embracing the spirit of giving at this time of year set this pinnacle moment as the bar, come next Christmas, how much more could the bar be raised?