Leadership And Their Many Colors

“Leadership is such and honor to have, however it is earned by lots of hard work and trial and error!

How many times have you looked up to someone, or wished that you could be the leader that person was? So often we think that this comes easy to some or that they are born leaders. Well my friends, let me tell you that it has been my experience that true leadership comes from constant learning and a desire to be better than the norm.

I found along my travels in this quest to be a great leader that there is a tool that helped me a lot. I learned that some people are attracted to some and others are not and I learned that you could work with them all if you could understand them. This leads me to the information I am about to share with you……

Do you ever wonder why you were put off by someone or that you instantly liked someone else? Don’t be embarrassed here be honest. We all have had these questions in our travels on our journey call life.  We are all attracted to people for different reasons and put off by different reasons. Now early on in by journey I would deal with the ones that I got along with and push the ones I didn’t away. This is not good leadership!

So you say “why not?” I just am saving myself the stress of dealing with those that I can not get along with. Well good leadership gets along with everyone! So now you ask “how do I do that?”

Let us share with you the color wheel:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange

Now you say what does that have to do with leadership? We will explain now to you how you can grow by understanding the colors of others personalities.  Let us begin.

  • Red color excites…with enthusiasm, strength and competitiveness. You love and hate with a certain degree of intensity. You are courageous. You can communicate well and tend to be talkative. When you start listening to others, you can solve problems better than others.
  • Blue color is related to calmness.  you are creative, balanced and harmonious. You avoid too many conflicting opinions. You are peaceful and possess a developed aesthetic sense.
  • Green Color represents persistent, decisive and resistant state of mind. You are considered assertive. You care very little for feelings and focus upon the available information before making a decision.  You are capable to analyze the details in minute.
  • Orange is related to energy, strength and power.  You are a fighter. You love to win. You are a competitor. You fancy for design and form.  You are an energetic motivator.

So now you see there are 4 basic personalities and a color for each. We are all created with a mix of all these colors. We are however primarily more one than the others. Which one of these colors are you? Which one of these colors do you like the least?

Now that you have this information you have no choice but to take this information and go to The Leaders Role and learn how to apply it to become a great icon in leadership! Contact Jason, Mike or myself to get you on the road to success TODAY!

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