Leadership Training – Why You Need 90/10 In Your Business

The 90/10 rule is how you will have success when you build your business. Hands down, TLR’s latest Leadership Training TV broadcast was revolutionary and may very well change your path for the better, forever!

In the race between the rabbit and the turtle, the turtle wins.

Why does he win? Because he takes the slow and consistent path to success. He does not get side tracked and he does not move to hastily. He goes at the perfect pace doing what he needs to do to win (By using his product/ business and sharing his story and helping those come along at a steady pace).

The rabbit on the other hand thinks he has the turtle because he can run faster. So he sprints off the starting line without even thinking (Broadcasting his product and business all along the way), without setting a pace, and without concern for his actions. He doesn’t care about anything but his own victory.

We all know this story and the outcome.

We feel this fits well with the 90/10 rule in your business. The 90/10 is about a slow consistent pace without concern of the finish line because, in all reality, there is no finish line.

Check out the serious Leadership Training that was dished out on TLR’s latest TV broadcast and find out what it takes to ‘win’ the long term race.

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Do what it takes,
~Jason, Kris, & Mike

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  1. Mitch Drummond

    on 22nd Nov, 10 08:11pm

    Thnx for sharing. I get it.. It will take time and hard work.