One Giant Leap To Leadership Can Easily End In A Face Plant!

The TLR 3% Leadership Class Is Already 1 Week Underway

This has already proven that it requires much more than concept to make a good idea work. It’s one thing to say something and it’s another thing to do! As many are finding out, building your business takes Time and Effort – Go figure?

So what’s the point here?

The Leaders know it’s not easy but they also know through experience that it’s Not Hard once you know what to do, hence the 90-day 3% class which is basically an accelerated course to bring everyone up to speed with today’s marketing strategies.

As some class members are finding out:

  • It takes time
  • It takes effort
  • It takes constant attention

Some are more advanced and challenge the lessons with new ideas and concepts, some are behind times and have a hard time understanding the steps given. That’s OK!

But the point here today folks is that Leadership Class is  designed with three 30-day goals in mind. Each week will introduce slightly new ideas which add on the previous week and the intent is that in 90-days all efforts and lessons will be combined to reach the bigger picture.

After-all you can’t build a solid foundation by throwing all the bricks in one pile but instead by carefully and meticulously placing and cementing each block in place before the next is introduced. Leadership takes time but be patient because it will all pay off in the end.

P.S. If you are not in the 3% class then get in line! It’s locked right now so you missed out… BUT … a second class is coming in the next 90-days so speak now or forever hold your peace. Get in line by emailing the TLR leaders today using the contact form above and proclaim, “I WANT IN CLASS 2″ right in the subject. From there you will be contacted and interviewed for this exclusive one-of-a-kind course. Action Reaps Reward.

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