One Step At A Time

Step by Step!!!

Today we want to talk to all those folks out there that are wondering if they can make it in Network Marketing, to those that wonder if they have what it takes, to those who have tried and did not get where they wanted to, to those that are doing it and still haven’t crossed the finish line, to those that have heard the stories of the people that joined a company and in a few days had reached big success, yes now we want to talk to all of you!!!

You see there is more to Network Marketing than just signing up with someone. The first thing that you must do is get sponsored by someone who wants you to win as badly as you want to win, you see without guidance in this industry you will work very hard and long to reach your goals, when you can make it much easier on yourself if you just choose a good sponsor. The next step is to follow directions. You chose a sponsor for a reason right? Hopefully because you looked up to them or you looked up to what that person was doing for their team. I mean they had to have something more to offer you than just an opportunity, right?

OK so since you look up to that person and their leadership certainly you should follow their directions……do not try to reinvent the wheel. They are telling you how to do something a certain way because they most likely have years worth of experience behind them that you do not have, that is why you signed up with them, right? The next step is to become a product of your product or service, you have to have passion before you can tell the world how excited you are!!!!! If you have a product and you are not using it and have not seen certain results with it then odds are you will never get anyone to look at your opportunity because you don’t feel it! The same goes for those that have services.

The next step would be to take massive action and that is another whole blog by itself, but you must, must, must do all you can to drive as much traffic to your opportunity as you possibly can and there are a lot of ways to do that. The next step would be to do a lot of study and even more self development, again your sponsor should be able to help you with this as well, if not maybe you should have chosen another sponsor, right?

Self development is the most enlightening part of this business, aside of course from becoming the wind beneath someone’s wings and helping them fly! The next step is to practice getting NO’s!!! You heard me, get NO’s, you see 95% of people that you talk to will not be interested in your opportunity so get used to it right from the start and look for the NO’s and when you get YES’s you will have reason to celebrate, but beware only 10% of those YES’s will want success as badly as you do!

The next step is to become the BEST at hunting Eagles, ducks flock together and are easy to find, the Eagle soars alone and is much harder to find! Ducks eat whatever you give them and Eagles hunt their prey. The next step is to put 6 or 7 Eagles in your business and then support them until the world comes to an end!!!!!! You will never regret this I promise! The next step, well some would say rest, enjoy, relax! We  say start looking for No’s!!!!!

Shareit with the ones you love and care about and most importantly your team!

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