Sign and Drives

Beware of the sign and drive

What in the world is that? I mean how many commercials do you see for it on TV for car sales? You know the ones……they have fine print on them….lol. We think that it is unfair to get people in to the dealerships with this tack tick. We guess it has merit because it works for them but, it isn’t that easy and they should not make it seem that way.

We have people in network marketing that are “sign and drive” promoters. What we mean by this is that they show you their program whatever it is, they dress it up in it’s Sunday best and show you the money you could make with it, then telling you that when you sign up with them that your on easy street or that the business will build itself. Bull!!!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!!!!

First of all it is a business. If they didn’t tell you that then they sold you a dream. Businesses require work. It is never as easy as signing up to be a distributor in some program and next week the money will magically start falling from the sky! WAKE UP! This is 2010 the real world. You have to do something to get that business up and off the ground. Now maybe you have 100 people you can call and say jump and they ask how high, but if they aren’t making money how long will they stay? When they have to keep paying the autoship and they can’t get people to join them because they don’t know how to run their business or people don’t want what they have to offer, how long will you have that 100 people? Let us  tell you. Average 90 days max! Then what?

Well then you go back and say what happened? We will tell you what happened, you got a sign and drive and that is what you promoted and like in the real world there is fine print that you should read. So now you are in this business, you can do two things. Quit or learn to do it right. Quitting is what most people do, they were looking for fast money or to get rich quick, they were NOT looking for a business; because a business equals work. On the other hand you can do what 3% of people do and that is pull up their sleeves and dig deep into what they have and figure out what makes it tick.

If you choose to do that, you are a leader! Leaders don’t quit they figure out how to make something work and they help their team to do the same. We could go on here but the rest is for another time. Just know that we all get shown sign and drives and we all have to know there is no such thing as sign and get rich and that is what they are trying to sell you!

It has been our pleasure to write this and we hope it touches those it was meant for.  Please share this with others because they need to know this information!

The Leaders

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