The Problem With Network Marketing

The problem with network marketing………

The problem with network marketing…….what is it exactly? Well you can ask a lot of people and you will get a wide variety of answers!  Over the course of  many years we have heard so many answers it is not funny.

So let’s take a look at this a little closer and for those that have a weak stomach maybe you should not go any further. What makes someone ask this question? Often times it is because they signed up with a company that a friend was in and said they could make a lot of money……hummm how many have heard that one? Other times it is an opportunity that was presented to them and they saw a way to make “quick” money. Or maybe they were tired of their day to day job and wanted something different and got involved for a change. Then there are those that saw the shiny cars and big homes and frequent vacations etc. Last but not least there are those that thought they could jump in at “just the right time” and make a fortune, sit back and live happily ever after!

Well we are not going to tell you that any of these reasons are ones that you should join a Network Marketing opportunity for, you see we don’t believe that. We also know that this is what gives the industry a bad name. Greed and Ego have no home here! You can not build anything on greed, ego and untruth and it last. You also can not build anything without the right education. Would you want to go to a doctor that just woke up one day and said I think I will be a doctor now and do surgery on people to make a living. NOT!!! If you get involved do you not want it to last when you build it? Sure you do!!!! So all that other stuff has to be left out of the picture!

So then What is the problem with Network Marketing? YOU, You are the problem with Network Marketing. Everyone wants the money, cars, houses, bling, vacations etc. but 97% do not want to do and acquire what is needed to get the job done correctly. There for they flop and flounder and jump around like a fish out of water and then they say why? why can’t I do this? Well the answer is simple……there is no short cuts, no magic wand. There are no magic words to get people to join, buy or support your network marketing opportunity! (and them stay with you) YOU and you alone are the only thing that can make it work! You have to want it deep down inside. You have to want to learn what it takes, you have to be willing to work 20 hour days for YEARS to get where you want to be. You have to go to events. You have to be dedicated to yourself. You have to have focus and determination. You have to want to HELP people!

We know that there will be a lot of people that stop reading our blog or following us because of this post however, we are not going to lie to people and we will not let them believe that some people are lucky and others are not. We will tell people the truth, no matter how many people it offends and in the end………we will be smiling with a large group of people that we have been able to truly help!

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