Transformational Leadership – The Challenge

Transformational Leadership involves constant change. If you have a mentor and they are not constantly challenging you, maybe they are not right for you.

Transformational Leadership is in essence the way it sounds, transformational. This is important because we must constantly be growing. Leadership is a path we take, that path is not always straight and smooth.

All that said, are you standing still? So many of us will have spurts of growth instead of a steady flow of learning and growing. Have you been guilty of this in your life?

Have you recently taken a course or learned some new skills only to be shelving then without consistent use?  Why? Why would you put yourself through the learning process only to not apply the knowledge?

This is where so many fall. So many people will read or learn something and then for some reason they think it is good enough to have read it or learned it.  They move on to the next lesson looking for the magic wand when they  have never put to use the information they learned to  see hat effect that will have for them.

Transformational leadership; in part, is the consistent application of the information learned. This is the part no one can do for you. YOU must do it for yourself. It is not good enough to learn the lesson, you must also apply it consistently!

If you have a mentor and they are not challenging you to constantly apply yourself, maybe you need a new mentor! Do not take this lightly! You must have a mentor that stretches you to a point you think you will break, that is there to help you all the way and celebrate with you your victories!

Challenge yourself today to evaluate your mentorship, is it all you need it o be? Are you being stretched? Are you growing and consistently moving forward with your life and business?

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  1. Nancy Radlinger

    on 27th Sep, 10 06:09pm

    I agree Kris – I was always that actions speak louder than words – you have to put action into force if you are ever going to succeed – when you first started walking – you had to take steps, baby steps – remember and then you took a few more until to could run without falling down – well that is what you have to do and for me one of those steps was 3% Class – and I still fall down but you know I get right back up and keep going – but you NEVER will learn to run till you take the baby steps.
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