What Are You Allowing

What are you allowing? Are you wanting and asking for this but thinking more about why you don’t want that? Well if this sounds like something that you have struggled with you may actually be allowing the wrong things…..

You see in order to allow the correct things in your life you must focus and meditate on the things that you want and what you want to accomplish. It is not good enough to say that you want them, you must reach for them with your mind! You must think on the things you wish to bring to you. If you are constantly saying or thinking about the things you do not want you allowing those very things to come to be.

How many times have you wanted to accomplished one thing but worried so much about the opposite things that the very things that you worried about or thought so much about were the very things that came into your life and you asked yourself Why?

Well that is simple you allowed the wrong things into your thoughts and then they became reality.

Meditate every day on the things you desire and want to come into your like and stay positive, when negative comes to you get rid of it. Start doing this now and you will start to see the world change before your very eyes!!!

Shareit with everyone you know they can learn from this as well!

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